Learning design, development and facilitation

I work in collaboration with organisations and groups to design, facilitate and accompany long and short term research and learning processes. These include cross-country and multi-stakeholder processes which last anywhere between one day, one week or over many years. Each process is very different and I apply my knowledge and skills to build a holistic learning experience which is appropriate and and sustainable.

I work with organisations throughout the programme cycle and accompany them at different stages using a range of support, including designing and facilitating workshops, building the capacity of staff and volunteers and coaching them through the process, working with and engaging leadership, ensuring ideas and suggestions are embedded into organisational systems and processes.

Participatory planning and reviews

I work with organisations and groups to design and facilitate different types of reviews, assessments and planning processes. The aim is to ensure that organisations are consistently learning and improving their practice, adapting and responsive to the changing context and needs of the communities and people who benefit from their work. The processes are holistic and exploring different aspects of the organisation's work and capacity.

To find out more about these processes please see My Portfolio